How can I help you?

ES Wellness is committed to helping busy people feel centered and empowered through yoga, meditation and Feng Shui consultations. 



Giving yourself the gift of private yoga is wonderful self care. Each session will be tailored to fit your needs and goals. 



My services will enable you to feel grounded, centered, peaceful, relaxed, energized, joyful & inspired about your life.

Feng Shui

I will help harmonize all areas of your life and simultaneously create a sense of peace and calm within your environment.


Yoga in Nature Saturday mornings in Prospect Park!

Feel the earth under your feet, the wind in your hair and the big open sky above you as you practice yoga in the park. Ground yourself in nature and go with the flow of the seasons around you. This outdoor series runs Saturday mornings from early spring with the first crocuses and daffodils popping up and small buds on the tress into late fall with the leaves changing to orange and red and starting to fall from the same trees.


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