Meditation apps!

I love this image of the brain filled with relaxing, leisurely thoughts. I plan on making a poster of it as inspiration for myself and my son. We have so much coming at us everyday that it's important to allow our brains to have some downtime so it can make connections and insights. Giving ye ole brain a break from work-work-work, from on-on-on mode is very important for our health, and there is scientific research proving that naps, meditation and nature walks actually help us feel more engaged, more creative and more productive. 

I recently started my son on a meditation practice. And as there's nothing more annoying than your mother telling you to do something that's good for you, I used a meditation app to get us going. The apps all offer similar features such as timers and/or guided meditations. Here are a few I suggest:  I love the nature sounds.
I love the starting and ending gongs you can set with the timer. Also have free guided meditations. They have some free guided meditations you can listen to while on the subway. 

If you are new to meditation, consistency is the key. You can start like my son did, with one minute a day for a week or two and build another minute on top of that, or find a guided meditation you like and stick with it. The important action to take is to simply start. Your happy brain and spacious feeling day will thank you for it!

Feel free to comment below about your own meditation practice. I'd love to hear from you!

Love, Elyce