Spring is on the way!

Winter is considered a restful and introverted time in nature. It is the season to restore energy, investigate emotions and meditate in preparation for the more active energy of spring. But for those of us living in urban environments, it is easy to lose touch with the rhythm of nature. Many people continue to push ahead in the winter and end up feeling stressed, but also guilty if they take a break to replenish their energy, which adds more stress. It is imperative during times of high activity that we balance doing and action, with being and resting: journaling, meditating, being with loved ones, reflecting in nature. I have previously written about creating a balance between doing and being, and I have a strong feeling this will be a reoccurring theme over the year. 

Next week brings the first day of spring! Spring is an exciting time because the energy that has been stored over the winter gets put to use. Buds pop on the trees, flowers push up out of the earth. Plans we were contemplating over winter begin to gain momentum. But what if we humans have not rested and replenished our energy over winter as nature has? Spring can then push out pressure cooker feelings such as irritation, anger, resentment and frustration. (This happens when the Liver Meridian, which comes into focus in springtime, is energetically out of balance. More on that another time).

Luckily, we can get our energy back into alignment by treating our body, mind & spirit as a temple: Go to yoga class. Add meditation and breathing exercises to our morning or evening to help calm our nervous systems. Get some acupuncture to move stuck energy, or Qi. We can also add green, bitter foods (green is the color of spring, bitter is the taste) such as kale, watercress, parsley, dandelion greens, melon and green tea to our palettes. All these mindful tools can be added to our routines as conscious ways to slow down and balance our action based Doing with contemplative and restorative Being