Embracing impermanence

Welcome to September! It's back to school month, Autumn is on the horizon and all things pumpkin will be showing up very soon. It's also National Yoga Month! That's right, in 2008 the Department of Health & Human Services designated the entire month of September to raising awareness of yoga's health benefits and inspiring people to create a more balanced lifestyle. Perhaps you started your yoga journey during the last decade that National Yoga Month has been observed?

Each week this month I will write about how to be a yogi during National Yoga Month. Here is my suggestion to start off the month: 

Mix it up: Embrace change and accept impermanence: 

Patterns and routine can create wonderful comfort, but I dare you to step out of what you know to expand your consciousness and absorb a new perspective. For example, if you practice at a studio, commit to placing your mat in a different part of the room each time you are in class this month, or try a different teacher, time of day or even a different yoga style, just for fun! If you are used to doing yoga at home, try a studio with a live teacher (this is what I will be doing). And if you are used to doing your yoga sequence indoors, try doing Yoga in Nature with the earth, trees and sky supporting you instead of four walls. Again, just for fun, the joy of yoga and a flexible perspective. Start this week and continue throughout the month. See where your willingness to embrace change takes you.

Nothing is permanent about who you are or what you are capable of

Feel free to leave a comment below about how you mixed up your yoga practice this week.