June New Moon

This weekend is "New Moon Weekend" for the month of June. If you don't know much about the moon, you may wonder, "What's so great about the New Moon"? Well, the new moon is the time to plant the seeds, or intentions, for the month ahead. It's a time to contemplate how you want to feel at the end of the month, or what you want to focus on this month, as a way to mindfully progress through the year.

How to do it: Write out ten intentions for yourself on paper using brightly colored markers or pens. Your intentions are inspiring and joyful and they demand to be written in color! No one has to see your intentions, so feel free to dream BIG about what your most amazing life could look like this month. Do your best to not write down intentions you have for other people, such as So-and-so will stop bothering me, but you can write Peace to all beings, or Peace for everyone in my family if you want to include othersYour list should be about you and what you can control or change in your life. 

A few intentions on my list this month are:

*Start a blog (Yay, I'm doing that today)

*Go rollarskating and have fun

*Be kind and loving to myself

I have a journal that I write my intentions in. But I've also written them out on a sheet of paper that I taped to a wall so I could see it everyday. And I've written them out & then burned the list as a ritual. Do what feels good for you. But please do take the time to do it. Living your best possible life begins with imagining what it will look and feel like and then setting the intention to get there.