Hi, I'm Elyce. I'm glad you are here.

I am a certified 200-hour Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and BTB Feng Shui Consultant with twenty years experience. I support and empower my clients with self efficacy along their path to greater wellness in mind, body and spirit.


Certified 200-hour Yoga professional with twenty years teaching experience.

Certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher.

Certified Western BTB Feng Shui Consultant.

Certified Small Group Facilitator focusing on weight loss facilitation with motivational coaching skills.


BFA Maryland Institute College of Art

MFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago


“Elyce's Mini-Retreat for Women came at a much needed time for me and was a great respite amidst the current commotion of my life. Coming from the retreat, I have re-incorporated a 10-15 minute yoga sequence and 5-minute seated meditation into my morning routine and it’s feeling so good and grounding!” - Abby W.

“Elyce gave me a private lesson on my birthday and it was the best present I could have given myself. She took time beforehand to create a personalized sequence for me, based on my status and needs. Then she came to my house (!) and spent a whole hour, from spinal rolls all the way to savasana. She is a wonderful, intuitive teacher, and this was a perfect way to start my birthday and my year.” - Laura W.

“Pressing pause on my life, taking time away just for myself at Elyce’s Summer Yoga Retreat felt incredibly risky. But saying yes to that experience gave me the strength and courage to say yes in other areas of my life. Yes to love. Yes to my health. Yes to a new career. After 3-days of yoga, meditation and healthy eating, I came home stronger, more peaceful, more clear. The positive effects from Elyce’s Yoga Retreat continue to ripple outward benefiting me and my family, and my community. Thank you so much for a beautiful, meaningful, beneficial experience that was also a lot of fun!” - Ashley T.

“Elyce's teaching and influence in my life have been transformative. She gave me a breathing exercise that has been so helpful when I have insomnia - to count breaths from 1-10, and back again - and I have found that, when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, because of thoughts swirling around in my mind and making me anxious, this exercise helps me to focus on something else (breath and counting), slowly relax, let the other thoughts float away, and get back to sleep. She has really helped my insomnia, in a good and lasting way - thanks!” - Rachel G.

“The day after a snowstorm I was crossing the street when all of a sudden I began to slip on ice.  It was surreal because it was happening in slow motion.  There was no stopping it – I was going down.  I found myself doing a “wild thing” yoga pose that I learned from Elyce, while slowly bending my knees and gently sinking to the floor.  Had I not been so flexible and calm I’m sure I would have broken a bone or two.  Thanks Elyce!” - Anna M.

"Elyce helped transform my body as my yoga instructor. Now as my Feng Shui consultant, she has done the same for my old and quirky apartment: she unfolds space, and then infuses it with light, life, and levity. Her approach is gentle, gradual, and non-judgmental, and works on even a skeptic such as myself. I am filled with gratitude for her guidance." - Bernadette S.

Elyce is an intuitive, practical Feng Shui consultant who helped me with an energy clearing when I moved into a new apartment and felt I needed some extra help making it my own. She did work beforehand by looking at the layout of the space, its orientation, and gathering information about me as well. On the day of the appointment she was prompt, prepared and energetic, bringing calm, humor and leadership to the process. Elyce also provided follow-up information. It was really helpful, the space felt brighter after our work together---worth it!! - Kate T.

Elyce has great value as a teacher! After having my three boys (now ages 3, 5 & 7 years) I live with constant lower back and hip discomfort. I’m grateful that Elyce has helped decrease my discomfort by strengthening the muscles around my joints, my back and my core. And my weak wrists are stronger, as well. Her yoga sessions are a perfect mix of challenging and strengthening while also being super relaxing! Just what a crazy multi-tasking mom of three and part time consultant needs! Plus, Elyce has the most relaxing voice!” - Amanda T.

“I’ve been practicing yoga with Elyce for four years. In that time, her commitment to balance, health, wonder and humor have kept me sane! By teaching me to be gentle on myself, I’ve been able to heal body and soul. I’m so grateful to have Elyce as a teacher in my life.” –Pamela R.