Yoga will help you feel grounded, centered, calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Yoga poses and breathing will release stress and tension from your body and mind. With a regular yoga practice, your body will become stronger and more flexible, and your mind will become less anxious and more peaceful.

Please contact ES Wellness for private yoga sessions or group sessions in the comfort of your home or workplace. ES Wellness also leads seasonal workshops and summer wellness retreats. 


With a regular meditation practice you will have more emotional control and you will cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Your attention span, concentration, creativity and productivity will increase and the grey matter in your brain connected to memory and learning will expand. Your depression, anxiety and stress levels will decrease and you will sleep better. 

Please contact ES Wellness for meditation sessions and workshops in your home or office. 

Feng Shui

Whether you are seeking money, love, friendships, helpful people, or better health, Feng Shui  will help cultivate more abundance in any area of your life that needs more attention. After a Feng Shui consultation, you and your home will feel more balanced, more energetic, more focused and even less cluttered (whether that's with stuff or old energy). You set the intention for your home (and your life) and I will help guide you toward those intentions. 

Please contact ES Wellness to set up a consultation.