Through Yoga, Meditation and Feng Shui





I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Meditation Coach with twenty years experience helping people to feel better, move better and sleep better. I also offer Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) skills to help reduce anxiety. I love helping people to feel flexible, present and centered, and I support and empower my clients with self-efficacy along their path to greater wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Additionally, I am a BTB Feng Shui consultant. I have helped many people transform the energy of their home or office with in-depth consultations and space clearings. 

  • Mindful, alignment based Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative or Chair Yoga.

    150 US dollars

Sarah R, Brooklyn

I've been a student of Elyce's for four years. I do everything I can with her- Private and group Yoga sessions, meditation, workshops and retreats, yoga in the park, yoga with my children...as long as I'm with Elyce all is well and I'm doing great.

Robin E, Brooklyn

I love my private Mindfulness Meditation sessions in my home with Elyce. I need the one to one, individual attention and I benefit from it. Elyce is lovely to work with: her kindness, patience, calm demeanor, caring and understanding are as important as the mindfulness practice. She is super insightful and so helpful. I highly recommend working with her

Pamela R, Brooklyn

I’ve been practicing yoga with Elyce for six years. In that time, her commitment to balance, health, wonder and humor have kept me sane! By teaching me to be gentle on myself, I’ve been able to heal body and soul. I’m so grateful to have Elyce as a teacher in my life.



Do you want to feel grounded, centered, calm, relaxed, rejuvenated, strong and empowered? Yoga and breathing exercises can help. A regular yoga practice releases stress and tension from your body and mind, strengthens and lengthens your muscles, increases your flexibility, deepens your breathing and also your connection to yourself. In addition, your chattering mind will become less anxious and more peaceful.


A regular Mindfulness Meditation practice helps create clarity, stability and strength for your mind, your body and your emotions. Also, your attention span, concentration, creativity and productivity will increase and the grey matter in your brain connected to memory and learning will expand. Regular practice helps you to feel better by lowering anxiety and stress levels and helps you cultivate compassion for yourself and others.

feng shui

Feng Shui can help cultivate energy in any area of your life that you think needs more attention. Whether you are seeking financial stability, a deeper romantic love, or improved health, a Feng Shui consultation will help guide you towards those intentions. We can also address clutter and energy stagnation with rituals and space clearings. After a Feng Shui consultation your home will feel infused with a renewed calm and balanced energy.


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