What're you doing for National Yoga Month?

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to September! It's back to school, autumn is on the horizon and all things pumpkin will be showing up very soon. It's also National Yoga Month! Yep, in 2008 the Department of Health & Human Services designated the entire month of September to raising awareness of yoga's health benefits, while inspiring people to create a more balanced lifestyle.  While much has changed this particular year, and more change is inevitable, your body and your breath are something consistent in your life. And it's completely do-able to tune into both of them because, they are always with you! Despite all the yoga stuff available for purchase (and yes, I suggest you do have a mat and 2 yoga blocks) you only really need willingness and consistency to have a yoga or meditation practice. Like me, at some time in your life, you've probably practiced yoga on a towel instead of a yoga mat. Or like me, you've probably practiced yoga on the beach your feet and butt in the sand. Or, you've sat in the woods and meditated. Or you've washed the dishes while taking deep, easeful inhales and longer, slower exhales. It can be that simple and easy to tune in and cultivate a calm, abiding center. A big take away of the last six months is noticing that I just don’t have the bandwidth for perfectionism anymore. I’m not even going into details about what I mean, that’s how over perfectionism I am. But, consistency is something I can totally get behind. Getting my feet out the door for regular walks is really helpful for my outlook on life. Biking a loop around the park twice a week with my son is really helpful for our connection and our moods. Showing up to my own practice early in the mornings is really helpful in nurturing stability in my life. Teaching yoga online three times a week is also really helpful for me (oh, it’s Sunday!) as well as for my students (oh, it’s Sunday)! I hope each of you have found a way to stay connected to your practice over the past six months. And if not, you can always begin again today or any day during September and National Yoga Month. The more you (and all of us) show up to the body, the breath, the mat and the meditation cushion, the more resilience, tolerance and acceptance of the messiness of life we develop. We also gain stability, flexibility and adaptability. All good stuff to have in our back pockets during a time that feels ambiguous. I encourage you to say yes to visiting your yoga mat, or your towel on the floor, for at least ten minutes a day over the next week. Notice how the energy in yourself builds as your commitment to your yoga practice builds. Show up for yourself, for your family and for your community. We are all in this together. Big hugs and lots of Love! XO Elyce